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 Page 1 of 37, items 1 to 10 of 362.
Adults Who've Abused Alcohol May Be at Risk for Memory Problems
Researchers say long-term consequences are little-known
Annual COPD Costs To Hit $49 Billion by 2020: CDC
Each year, almost 135,000 die from smoking-related chronic lung disease, experts say
Benefits of E-Cigarettes May Outweigh Harms, Study Finds
Findings run counter to recent calls for strict regulation
Could a Blood Test Predict Suicide Risk?
Certain gene-based chemical changes seem to accompany suicidal behavior, study finds
Different Areas of Brain Affected in Autism, Sensory Disorders
Sophisticated brain scans show the two conditions are somewhat similar, but are also markedly different
Early Stem Cell Transplant Vital in 'Bubble Boy' Disease
Study found that doing so in first few months of life improved survival odds
Even Thinking an Odor is Harmful May Spur Asthma Symptoms
Study finds people's negative expectations can play a role in flare-ups
Extreme Weather Kills 2,000 in U.S. Each Year: CDC
Heat contributes to nearly one-third of those deaths, report finds
Gardens a Center of Calm for People With Dementia
Review found some evidence it helped soothe, distract sufferers, but safeguards important
Gene Mutation May Make Food More Tempting
Study shows most common genetic link to obesity triggers activity in the brain's reward centers