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Arriving Now at Gate 42: Measles
CDC report of transmission in U.S. air terminal shows how easily the virus can spread
Being Fit Keeps Blood Pressure in Check
Those in poorest shape were more likely to have high blood pressure, study found
Can You Balance on One Leg? You May Have Lower Stroke Risk
Inability to stand on one foot for 20-plus seconds could suggest brain vessel damage, study contends
Common Painkillers May Help Prevent Certain Skin Cancers, Study Finds
But medications such as ibuprofen pose their own risks, experts say
Frail Elderly Might Benefit From High-Dose Flu Shot
Ramped-up vaccine elicits greater immune response, study finds
Health Highlights: Dec. 18, 2014
Former NFL Players' Lawsuit Over Painkillers Dismissed by JudgeNo Evidence Paleo Diet Matches Early Human Eating Habits: Study
Health Tip: Eating Disorder Can Hurt Your Child
Here are possible health consequences
Health Tip: Tossing Leftover Food
A timeline of when food tends to go bad
'Homing Signal' in Brain Helps Humans Navigate, Research Shows
Finding may explain why some people are less likely to get lost than others
Many Flu Infections Aren't Good Match for Vaccine: CDC
But health officials still urge people to get inoculated because the shot should offer some protection